Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CFNM Fetish Phone Sex

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Would you Like to be a Phone Sex Money Slave?

Hi Loser, I'm Ms. Honey.

I've gone by a few different aliases in the past but all equally represent who I am.  I love embracing every facet of my multi layered personality.  So question, does the thought of giving your money to a powerful dominant black goddess turn you on?  Are you curious about it?

If so you are in the right place.  I've trained and drained the wallets of men the past 4+ years.  A lot of people have inquired why I won't get a supposed real job.  LOL.  Well my response is why do a thing like that when I have men sending me thousands of dollars because I'm a rare treat they don't experience in their day to day life.  It's ok to have the vanilla aspect of things but what about fetish?  You are in charge of most of what you have going on but crave someone else to take control am I right?

Yes, I do love financial domination and handing over your hard earned money is a requirement to serve me.  However, I love fetishes of all kinds.  Cock and ball torture, forced bi, closet gay men, twinks, group sex with strangers, golden and brown showers, body worship, foot worship. public and private humiliation, home wrecking and more.

In order for me to share my fetish experiences and hear some of yours that pique your interest you will need to share finances with me.  I accept cash virtually online or through express payments off line.  Once you gain my interest, we can discuss further what is on your mind and how you plan to supplement my amazing life short or long term.  I do offer contract slavery, short term slavery and long term slavery.  Financial domination will be forefront and center of your relationship with me so keep this in mind and click below:

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Men Who Like to Wear Panties and............

It is a common trend now days.  It seems the age of feminism isn't all about the ladies, but you fellas too.  Secretly snooping around in panties drawers and stealing thongs while doing laundry. How naughty.

I don't judge though.  I had a boyfriend who I purposely wanted to turn out to cock.  It started with the simple suggestion of me asking if he'd LET a guy suck his cock.  I'm really twisted I know.  I'm a kinky and rather perverted woman, whose idea of sex is whatever makes you make a home run.  The only twist is I like taking your money.. :)

This video talks about me turning out my ex.  Is your wife or girlfriend ok with you getting fucked in the ass, watching gay porn, or visiting glory holes hoping leftover cum is on the floor for you to taste? I know some of you freaks have done it?  Or visiting dive bars hoping to meet a NEW friend?  Perhaps cheap motels, with no paper trace while on your business trip?  Oh, how can I forget those young, experimentative college studs that would be willing to blow you because you are a big shot corporate guy.  Nothing like getting your tuition paid just to blow an old coney's cock whose wife won't even think of looking at it.

Have I hit home with any of this?

If so, buy this clip, email me and let me know what you think.

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Or, give me a ring.  I'm sure you'll have alot to talk about

Think I'm a genius and want to be my new sissy, cock sucking, bi curious turned gay slave? Thank me with your wallet:)