Saturday, December 21, 2013

Men Who Like to Wear Panties and............

It is a common trend now days.  It seems the age of feminism isn't all about the ladies, but you fellas too.  Secretly snooping around in panties drawers and stealing thongs while doing laundry. How naughty.

I don't judge though.  I had a boyfriend who I purposely wanted to turn out to cock.  It started with the simple suggestion of me asking if he'd LET a guy suck his cock.  I'm really twisted I know.  I'm a kinky and rather perverted woman, whose idea of sex is whatever makes you make a home run.  The only twist is I like taking your money.. :)

This video talks about me turning out my ex.  Is your wife or girlfriend ok with you getting fucked in the ass, watching gay porn, or visiting glory holes hoping leftover cum is on the floor for you to taste? I know some of you freaks have done it?  Or visiting dive bars hoping to meet a NEW friend?  Perhaps cheap motels, with no paper trace while on your business trip?  Oh, how can I forget those young, experimentative college studs that would be willing to blow you because you are a big shot corporate guy.  Nothing like getting your tuition paid just to blow an old coney's cock whose wife won't even think of looking at it.

Have I hit home with any of this?

If so, buy this clip, email me and let me know what you think.

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Or, give me a ring.  I'm sure you'll have alot to talk about

Think I'm a genius and want to be my new sissy, cock sucking, bi curious turned gay slave? Thank me with your wallet:)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Fetish Phone Sex Line

Hey slutbags!

Still wearing your wife's panties while she is out with the girlfriends on Saturday?

Sniffing your stepdaughters dirty socks, jacking off in them praying she doesn't find out pig?

Diddling your fig newton while at work, when no one is around because you're a chronic stroke off piece of shit? You need chastity my boy.

And when will you get paying for strippers and call girls will not satisfy your urge to spend on beautiful women?  You silly slut!  Your wallet belongs to someone elite, elegant, cultured and classy.  Someone who understands your twisted desires you yearn to be exploited while you freely hand over your wallet.

We both know that's me bitch.  Indulge yourself, as well as me with your money.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fetish Phone Sex Confessions

Your Busty Ebony BBW Goddess is always game to pick your brain for those deep hidden perverted fetishes.  I tend to "stomach" a lot, due to my own sexual samplings and escapades.  (Of course, they are with REAL men) wink...

Not sure what gives with you fetish phone sex junkies, but you it seems your desires are quite interesting!  Superhero fantasy?  Stuffed animal sex? Oh and here's a new favorite, diapered sissy? I've  had diapered slaves and adult baby fetish slaves in the past, but the sissy version is so entertaining.

Once you begin to serve this curvy ebony mistress, I will become the itch you can never scratch.  You will call me, with sordid candid details of your imagination, but if you aren't careful, you will be another victim. Yes pet.  I'm a very laid back Goddess, but my style of authentic domination and abuse will become not a fetish but reality for you weakling.  The highlight of your day will be checking to see if I'm available and before you know it, YOU WILL begin to sacrifice everything just to TALK to me. Who knows what will happen if you really fall...and you begin to leave huge tributes in  my accounts because you are besides yourself over my kitten voice and sadistic mind.

Don't take my word for it. wink